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Questions Consumers Have Regarding Product Liability Lawsuits

If a consumer discovers that a purchased product has a defect, that same buyer may want to learn how to file a product liability claim. This article answers some consumers’ questions. It also provides an answer to a seldom-asked question.

Questions asked repeatedly

Who could be held responsible for an injury to a product’s user? It could be the manufacturer of the product, or the maker of one of the parts used in that same product. It could be a retailer, an installer or a wholesaler.

What must a consumer prove, in order to win a product liability claim? The consumer must prove that the product was defective, that the defect made that particular item unsafe, and that the defective item injured the person that was using it.

How much time is given to the consumer, in order to assemble the required proofs? Smart consumers do not wait more than 2 years, before filing a claim.

What type of lawyer could help a consumer that wanted to file a product liability claim? An Injury Lawyers in Redondo Beach could offer useful guidance to such a consumer.

One question that is seldom asked

Can the reseller of a defective product be held responsible for an injury to the person that gets to use the defective resale item? No, the reseller cannot be held responsible, regardless of the nature of the injury. Anyone that loves to save money by going to different garage sales should make note of that fact.

It makes no sense to buy a baby product at a garage sale. That includes a toy for an infant or a toddler. Such an action puts the young user of the second hand product at risk. The buyer cannot know the age range for which that item was intended.

A product’s defect might not be visible to the buyer. For instance, it could be a toy that makes a sound. The sound is created by a series of small parts, which are hidden inside the purchased product, most likely a toy. Those older parts might break at some point, after the product has been purchased.

A parent would not see that break. Still, a broken part might get released by the toy, and it might fall onto the floor. If the child enjoying that plaything is less than 3 years old, then he or she might swallow the part that fell onto the floor.No parents would want their son or daughter swallowing such an item. That fact underlines the reason that all parents should resist the temptation to buy a second hand toy or other product for a baby. The money saved does not equal the potential loss, caused by a defect.

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