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Public Transit Accidents

Public Transit Accidents Attorneys in Monrovia, Montclair, Encinitas, Moorpark & Redondo Beach

For people in California, public transit has emerged as a safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective alternative to operating a car at all times. Public transit provides access and opportunity to people who cannot afford a vehicle, and has also helped provide a better transit option for people living in busy and crowded cities with traffic problems. Though public transit is wonderful for individuals and for our larger communities, the increased use of public transit options across California has led to an increase in public transit accidents and injuries to people all over the state, including Monrovia, Montclair, Encinitas, Moorpark and Redondo Beach.


Many public transit accidents are relatively minor, involving small injuries like bumps and bruises. But, there have also been many more serious injuries to people riding public transit as the result of negligence, an accident, or operation issues.

If you, or one of your loved ones, has been injured while using public transit, Braff Injury Lawyers can help you. Operators of public transit have an obligation to ensure the safety of their riders, and when that safety is violated, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Our team of experienced and professional personal injury lawyers can help you to create and navigate a successful claim for compensation in Monrovia, Montclair, Encinitas, Moorpark and Redondo Beach.

Compensation for Public Transit Accidents

Cities and governments operating public transit vehicles and systems must insure the safety of their passengers. Despite a relatively safe record of operation in California- some people have sustained life-altering injuries in a public transit incident. Head injuries, concussions, broken bones, and catastrophic injuries as the result of large-scale accidents are all situations that entitle you to seek compensation for personal injury.

If you, or someone you know has been injured in a public transit accident, you’ve likely been contacted by an insurer who has attempted to negotiate a settlement with you. Though this may be tempting, it is very important that you speak with a personal injury lawyer who can discuss you of your rights, and the level of compensation you may be able to receive. It can often be tempting to take a first offer from an insurance company. But, it is important to consider the long-term impact of your injuries, and the care, you may need throughout the course of your life.

Braff Injury Lawyers can provide a free initial consultation to help evaluate your case, your odds of winning your case, and how much you may actually be entitled to. In the days and weeks after sustaining an injury, it can be difficult to know just how long you will be impacted, or how much compensation you’ll need. Braff Injury Lawyers aggressively negotiate on behalf of our clients, and ensure that they receive the highest level of compensation possible for their injuries in Monrovia, Montclair, Encinitas, Moorpark and Redondo Beach.


Public transit injury cases can be particularly complex, with many responsible parties. Having an experienced personal injury attorney from our law firm will ensure you have professional support, and that you can easily navigate a complicated situation to receive the compensation you need. Call us today to know more about how we can be of assistance. Schedule a FREE first consultation today!