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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Experts In Monrovia ,Moorpark, Montclair, Encinitas & Redondo Beach

An accident between a vehicle and pedestrian can lead to extremely devastating injuries to the pedestrian, and tragically, often involve fatalities. As a result, personal injury compensation involving pedestrian-vehicle accidents are some of the most complex personal injury cases – often involving the injured party, an impacted family, or both as claimants.

Braff Injury Lawyers specialize in personal injury lawsuits, and have years of experience representing injured parties in pedestrian-vehicle accident cases. We can provide supportive and professional services as you navigate a personal injury case after a pedestrian collision in Monrovia, Montclair, Encinitas, Moorpark and Redondo Beach.

Pedestrian-Vehicle Accidents

Pedestrian-vehicle collisions are on the rise in California, particularly in areas where city density has brought more pedestrians and cars together than ever. When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the driver is often at fault, often failing to obey traffic laws, failing to signal, speeding, ignoring signs, or driving through an intersection.

In California, the law states that a driver is obligated to drive under a “duty of care” to safely operate their vehicle. This means that drivers must be aware and alert of their surroundings, and that they are travelling at safe speeds that give them time to brake for pedestrians and other cars. That said, pedestrians also have responsibility for their own safety on the road, and that they should take caution, and enter intersections legally, and with caution.

Pedestrian Accident Compensation

Personal injury cases can be very complex, and pedestrian accidents are among the most complex among all personal injury law. Having an experience lawyer to help represent you as you make your case is essential, and will help to ensure you navigate the complexities of receiving compensation wisely.

Your personal injury lawyer can also be sure that they gather the necessary documentation to be sure that full compensation is paid for each element of your injury, including lost and income (to date, and into the future), medical expenses, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and ongoing therapies.

The toll that a personal injury can have on an individual, and their families can be devastating – and it is important to have competent legal professional to ensure you get all of the compensation that you deserve, and need to recover. Compared to other personal injury laws, the rules surrounding pedestrian accidents can be complex, and extremely difficult to navigate.

Personal Injury Specialists

When it comes to personal injury cases, nothing beats experience. Braff Injury Lawyers specialize in personal injury cases, and make it our business to be the best in California. Our team can help navigate the complex, stressful, and taxing process of filing a personal injury case with ease, and with success in ensuring maximum compensation.

We will be glad to assist you with the various aspects of the claim process and walk you through it all. With years of expertise in out of court settlements and representing at trials, we’ll do our best for helping you win maximum compensation. Contact us today for your free consultation in Monrovia, Montclair, Encinitas, Moorpark and Redondo Beach