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Know What To Do If Drivers Don’t Respect Your Rights As A Motorcyclist

You may have seen the motorcycle daredevils doing all sorts of tricks while riding on much coveted motorcycles. If you own a Harley Davidson or other type of motorcycle, this article is for you because you will learn what to do in terms of legal redress if you are ever injured by a person driving a car while on your motorcycle. Because personal injury law regarding motorcyclist’s rights in a car accident is complex, you are advised to discuss the information presented in this article with a trained and experienced lawyer.

Motorcycle lawsuits in California

California is a very liberal state from the legal standpoint. This is why motorcyclists enjoy strong and vast legal protection in terms of personal injury law if they are ever injured in an accident involving a four wheeled motor vehicle. However, in spite of this, and much to the chagrin of lawyers, many insurance companies are stingy in terms of agreeing to and paying out the financial settlement you need as a motorcyclist to recover from your accident. Motorcycle personal injury laws are very complex and detailed and this is part of the reason why you need to seek legal help if you are ever involved in an accident.

The rights of motorcyclists

Your personal injury lawyer in Encinitas and Monrovia will know that motorcyclists have certain rights under California’s personal injury laws. One of these is motorcycle lane splitting. This allows motorcyclists to drive in between two lanes of traffic headed in the same direction. Other special rights for motorcyclists include:
● The ability to move back and forth through lanes to being in between lanes
● The ability to drive much faster than cars while in between lanes

Motorcyclists are also allowed to ride alongside each other in the same lane. This is referred to as ‘lane sharing.’You must be aware of these rights because the defense’s lawyer (the party who hit you and caused the accident) may try to twist the interpretation of these rights around to confuse the jury and convince them that you were the one who was actually at fault because you were being a negligent and careless rider. If this occurs, the monetary award you are requesting for as settlement from the defense may either be reduced or may not materialize at all.

Rights as a motorcyclist

Your lawyer will inform you that you must be aware of and abreast with changes and updates in California’s personal injury law if you want to win your settlement in court. This is partly because it is detailed and complex, and it is partly because you enjoy special rights as a motorcyclist.

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