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Guidelines On Auto Accident Claims

Any victim of a car accident that has filed an auto accident claim has, almost certainly, received a call from an insurance company. This article shares some tips for all accident victims that get contacted by an insurance adjuster.

Tips for dealing with an insurance company

Understand that you have a right to file a claim because you have chosen to agree to participation in a legal process. You can strengthen your claim by reporting the accident as soon as possible. Injury Lawyers In Montclair or Moorpark advice that you should not offer to provide a recorded statement.

Actions to take after speaking with insurance company

Begin a record of all calls made and received. Note the identity of the person on the other end of the line. What were you told by that same person? When did you receive or make the recorded call?

Save all medical bills. Remover any private information from those same bills, before turning any one of the over to the insurance company, as evidence.Refuse to release any claim that you have made, until you and any other victims have reached the point of maximum medial improvement (MMI). That is when the treating doctor can say that you have completed the final stage of your recovery.

How to address problems?

Suppose that you keep being pressured to release your claim, or to settle your case. In response to such pressure, you should plan to hire a personal injury attorney. Personal injury lawyers have learned how to deal with insurance companies.

Still, you might have a special problem that the insurer wants to use, in order to push for an early settlement. For instance, it could be that you have a pre-existing medical condition. Victims that feel especially challenged by an insurance adjuster can try 2 different tactics.

First any one of those victims has the right to ask to speak with the adjuster’s supervisor. A claimant/victim can also threaten to send a letter to that same supervisor, complaining about the adjuster’s behaviour.

If further action appears necessary, it may be time to contact the state insurance department. Anyone that has purchased an insurance policy has the right to file a complaint with that particular department.

How to proceed once negotiations have ended?

Normally, 2 disputing parties can stop negotiating if both of them have agreed on the terms of a settlement. If you are one of those 2 parties, then you need to get confirmation of the settlement’s terms. Ask the other side to send a letter that confirms the settlement’s details.

Also ask when you can expect to get compensated for your injuries and damage to your vehicle. When should your lawyer receive the check, the one indicated by the oral agreement?

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