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Can Your Lawyer Prevent You From Accepting A Low Insurance Claim Settlement?

Car accidents are like death. They happen and are inevitable, but no one likes to think about them, much less be involved in one. The law of probability dictates that you will experience at least one car accident in your lifetime. When the inevitable does occur, you will likely experienced substantial physical injuries and property damage, especially if you were the one who was hit. The guilty party’s insurance company’s adjusters will do whatever they can to minimize the eventual monetary award they will have to pay out as a court settlement. You need to hire a personal injury lawyer in Moorpark to minimize the chances of this occurring. Reading this article will be helpful as well because it offers valuable advice and insights in the event that this ever occurs to you!

You need to hire Injury Lawyers In Montclair after being involved in an auto accident where you were not at fault because this legal professional will be well-versed with personal injury law and can work with you to build a case and argument in court which will actually help you win a larger financial settlement from the insurance company of the person who hit you. Lawyers are expert at manipulating evidence in favor of the party they are representing. This will help convince the jury of the true extent of your suffering – financial and otherwise. The jury will be more likely to rule in your favor and order the guilty party’s insurance company to pay a large monetary award to you.

What the insurance companies don’t want you to know

Any personal injury lawyer could tell you that insurance companies and adjusters that they hire are loathe when you file a lawsuit against them in court. They would prefer you to settle out of court because the judge and jury will likely rule in favor of their customers in this instance. If you settle in court, the jury and judge will probably give you the monetary amount you are requesting as part of your settlement – this is often times more than what insurance companies are willing and able to pay out.

When a personal injury lawyer works with you, he or she will force the insurance adjuster to use metrics such as current and future medical costs, lost income or wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress and suffering to calculate the amount of money they need to pay out to you. They will make their calculations accurate and base it, on the true cost and extent of the physical and emotional damages you have incurred. If you don’t seek legal help, an insurance adjuster could lowball you into accepting a smaller settlement by claiming that the weeks of work you had to miss because of depression had nothing to do with your car accident, even the reality was the exact opposite.

You can take on insurance companies’ adjusters in court with legal help. You don’t have to file a lawsuit on your own. In fact, you will likely force the guilty party’s insurance company to pay the full settlement you are requesting, need, and deserve when you file a lawsuit against him or her and argue it in court.

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