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Actions To Take If You Are Injured In An Automobile Accident

Someone that has been involved in a car accident has come through a jarring experience. In fact, the victim of such an accident may get so shaken that he or she does not know what to do.

There are actions to take at the site of the collision starting with seeking prompt medical attention. Talk to witnesses, if possible. Get the contact information for each witness and scribble down at least a few notes.

Actions to take after you get home

• Contact the insurance company. Let them know if you plan to file a claim.

• Contact the witnesses. Jot down the comments made by the witnesses during each call.

• Return to the scene of the accident. If you take that action during daylight hours, then you should snap some pictures of the site where the collision took place. Search for any possible evidence.

• Obtain photographs of the degree to which the collision damaged your vehicle. A large amount of damage should provide support to any claims about severe injuries.

Actions to take as you recover from your injury

Take pictures of your injury as it heals. If you suffered a soft injury, one with few visible symptoms, then take pictures of how you struggle to complete certain tasks, due to complications caused by your injury.

Keep a diary or a journal. Record information that offers details on any painful sensation. Explain what you were doing before you began to experience that specific sensation. Write down the facts that relate to that sensation, such as its intensity and the amount of time that it lasted.

Keep all the copies of your medical records. Keep all of the bills from doctors. If you had to pay for parking, when going to an appointment, save the evidence of what you paid for parking. If you had to go to an appointment by taxi, Lift or Uber, keep track of what you were charged.

If you lost the chance for a promotion at work, look for evidence of how successful you have been, while completing your job responsibilities. That could help to convince a jury that you were owned money for the raise that you did not receive.

How else was your life disrupted? Were you now unable to pursue a hobby that you had loved? If so, look for any evidence of the pleasure you had received in the past, by being engaged in that particular hobby.

Were you previously involved in a recreational activity? Did you have any certificate that could prove your involvement? If so, save that item; it might be used to convince a jury of the extent to which the accident has deprived you of the chance to pursue a rewarding activity. It is best to allow your personal injury lawyer in Encinitas to handle it all for you.

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