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About Us

Braff Injury Lawyers - California’s Most Trusted Personal Injury Firm

Braff Injury Lawyers is a dedicated personal injury firm that works with clients all over California. For years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming the state’s foremost experts on personal injury law, advocating fiercely for our clients, and creating an incredible success rate in Monrovia, Montclair, Encinitas, Moorpark and Redondo Beach.

Personal injury is a particularly challenging field of law, and the clients we work with are in some of the most difficult phases of their lives. At Braff Injury Lawyers, we recognize that our place is to provide help, minimize suffering, and get our clients set up to live independent lives after a catastrophic personal injury, and our firm has helped hundreds of clients get the compensation they need and deserve to continue with life after a major accident.

Our specialty in the world of personal injury is part of what makes Braff Injury Lawyers the best firm you can work with in California. Our team works every day to enhance our practice, knowledge, and ability to navigate personal injury law – and when you work with us, you receive the benefit of our years of experience and practice.

Working with Braff Injury Lawyers

In truth, there are many lawyers in California who specialize in personal injury cases, but few of them bring the experience, expertise, and commitment to their clients that Braff Injury Lawyers does. Personal injury is our specialty and the basis of all of our professional practice, and we’ve helped clients from every part of California to be fairly compensated after a devastating injury.

When you work with Braff Injury Lawyers, no payment is expected up front. In fact, we will always begin with a free consultation with any potential client, giving us the opportunity to get to know the case – and our clients the chance to ask any questions, and get informed. What’s more, we will use this consultation as an opportunity to set your expectations, and ease your mind about the process that follows. And we serve the Monrovia, Montclair, Encinitas, Moorpark and Redondo Beach.

The Finances

Many people who have recently suffered a traumatic injury are concerned about their finances- and with good reason. Braff Injury Lawyers recognize that this is often a concerned for people who are injured and out of work, and that is why we complete all of our negotiations on a contingency basis.

In short, to work with us – no money needs to be paid up front. We will work with you for a portion of the winnings from your case. If you don’t receive anything, we don’t receive anything. If you’re considering a personal injury case but worry about paying expenses up-front, we’ve got you covered! What’s more, choosing to work with a professional and capable personal injury attorney in Monrovia, Montclair, Encinitas, Moorpark and Redondo Beach makes it much more likely that you’ll receive a larger compensation payout, which means working with Braff Injury Lawyers may actually ease your financial concerns.

Our Philosophy

Braff Injury Lawyers understands how devastating a sudden and unexpected personal injury can be – particularly if the event was unexpected. A major injury can impact every part of your life, including your work, your family life, friendships, and your hopes for the future. There is nothing we can do to turn back time and avoid an injury, so our team of injury lawyers and attorneys have committed our firm to ensuring that we can get the best compensation for those injured parties. Though the impacts the injury might remain, our commitment to ensuring fair compensation removes the financial burden from your shoulders, allowing you the opportunity to recover and get used to the changes in your life.


We view every client as an individual, and are committed to doing the personalized work and research necessary for a successful claim. That said, our firm’s rounded commitment to quality, to service, and to fighting on behalf of our clients has helped us to develop a strong background of knowledge, research, ethics, and practice that we apply to every case in Monrovia, Montclair, Encinitas, Moorpark and Redondo Beach.

Our commitment, our history, and our ongoing learning and commitment to excellence has helped us to create a proven track record of success. If you’ve suffered a personal injury and need help moving forward – contact us today. We can help lead you through the next steps.